New Techniques for Courier Companies With Profitable Courier Tracking Software Version 6.0

As the technology is growing with high speed, all companies and industries are adopting the new techniques for the successful business settlement. Everything is found on internet. Courier and logistics companies all need some form of software, in order to operate their business efficiently. A high level of security, efficiency and reliability is required in order to satisfy mission’s critical customer requirements. Now robust software tools are used by the industry leaders.

Courier tracking software 6.0 have the most innovative features which progressive courier companies are looking for. These courier and logistic companies all want to save operating cost, impressive the quality of their deliveries and reduce operational times to near zero. This can be achieve only while using or adopting courier tracking software 6.0. This software gives the advantage of choosing which driver is best and closest in proximity for fastest pickup of orders. It streamlines dispatch and keeps everyone on informed, by automating many of the functions, dispatching, customer online orders, instant text communication, driver activities/updates, billing, administrative processes and many more. It is very easy to install just like abcd. Nothing is required to install it except user’s favorite browser and a good internet connection.

Benefits of Courier tracking software version 6.0:

  • Online booking
  • Live tracking
  • Mobile compatible
  • SEO Ready
  • Android App
  • Barcode supported
  • Sms and Email alert
  • Complete Readymade website
  • Unlimited type
  • Reports

Courier tracking software is back by its advanced data center, superior network, highest level customer service and excellent technical support. Compatible with a range of consumer devices such as smart phones and tablets. Our software solution is cross platform and this sets itself apart from the competitors. Our software works across android, iOS and Windows mobile devices. Dispatchers and drivers work from a central database using a range of devices, to position your business as highly innovative. It is totally based on high level security. Along with online tracking features user also get complete website with all static features like home, about us, contact detail, features, Term and Privacy. A separate login panel for user members to add shipments. That’s the way they don’t need to login in admin panel to add shipment and fet protect your customer information.

This software will deliver enhanced functionality for managing incoming orders, pickups and deliveries, scheduling, tracking, waiting time, extra weight, return pickup, enhanced billing and many other tasks which the competition don’t offer. Everything happens in real-time with synchronization between your own central server and all devices connected to it. Your solution is packaged with features you would expect from a high-level dispatch management solution. It is also suitable for use in a wide variety of other companies, allowing for an unlimited number of dispatchers, drivers and customers making simultaneous transactions 24×7. Watch the full detail @

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