SF Cable Adds ‘Top Sellers’ Section to Promote Bestselling Products

SF Cable is one of the most popular online retailers of electronic products based in California. The company has recently added the ‘Top Sellers’ section on its website to display its bestselling products. This section will make it easier for the regular shoppers to make a direct purchase of their favourite products from the section. It will also assist the new visitors as they will get to know about the best selling products recommended by regular customers.

“We added the top-sellers category for our customers and website visitors so that they can know what sells the best at SF Cable” said Jennifer Truong. She further added that “Apart from the ‘Top-sellers’ section, there is also a ‘Popular Search Terms’ section through which the customers can find out about the products which are searched for the most. It usually entails the items that our customers need on daily basis.”

The Top Sellers category consists of products like Power Plug Adapters, NEMA 3 Pin Plugs, F-type Dual female coupler, Gender changer coupler etc. However, the products in the section keep changing according to their demand and popularity. You can also read customer reviews underneath the Top Sellers section and get an idea about the quality of products and services provided by the company.

If you visit the website of SF Cable, you will find huge inventory of more than 8,000 SKUs of components, accessories and cables. You can find any product through the search section on the website. All these products are ROHS compliant, environmentally friendly and maintain high quality standards. SF Cable came into existence with the objective of providing superior quality and customized electronic products at cost-effective rates. As there is no involvement of third parties, it provides up to 90% off on some of its products.

There is a ‘custom cable’ section on the website wherein the customers can design their own cable and give particular specifications to it. After the design is received, the engineers working at SF Cable build it according to the provided specifications. Some customized cables such as ethernet and fiber optic can be received by the customers within 7 business days. Other cables and cords will vary in production time. However, other products are usually shipped on the same day as it has all the inventory remains in the store. This ensures that the products are received on time.

One of the major reasons why customers choose to buy from SF Cable is because it offers a 60 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on cables, adapters and other non-electronic products along with lifetime support support. This boosts the satisfaction ratio of customers and they keep coming back to buy from the company. If you want more information about the range of products, you can log in to the website and know for yourself.

To know more about SF Cable and all their product range, please visit https://www.sfcable.com/

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