Mortgage advisor Beverley, expert tips on mortgage market trends

The mortgage market has seen a number of positive modifications from the perspective of the borrower. For someone planning to purchase a property taking the help of mortgage advisor Beverley can prove to be beneficial as they are likely to be aware of these trends and will be able to help in planning the process. A mortgage broker Beverley usually serves Beverley and its neighbouring area.

First of all, the Mortgage Market Review or MMR 2014 has ushered in good times for brokers. With the strict rules on the requirement from lenders and intermediaries to advice the borrowers directly on all matters of sales, brokers seem to be the gaining front.

The banks are not showing as much interest in dealing diligently with each case. Hence the clients are more inclined to approach a mortgage broker to take advice on important matters related to the procedure and requirements. The government is also showing a lot of interest in encouraging the first time buyer into owning a property with its harsh attitude towards buy to let landlords. The rules to borrow on this ground have become more stringent. Hence, there is an opportunity for the rented occupants to buy off their apartment or house from their landlord as well as purchase a new build house. In case of a new build house, the buyer can also take advantage of the Help to Buy equity scheme. The required steps to follow for a mortgage in both of these cases can be made clear by your mortgage advisor Beverley.

Brexit has also caused a major stir in mortgage market. The house prices have been falling gradually. While London is mainly affected by this variable, adding to a huge number of luxury houses waiting to be sold, the surrounding areas have managed to hold on better. The other cities and towns are hit more by change in the fate of landlords. The falling prices are in fact somewhat in a manageable state owing to the balancing demand for houses by the first time buyers.

The falling prices have also resulted in an all time low interest rate. All these factors have contributed in the demand for new properties. In addition, there are some new players in the mortgage market – the specialist lenders who have increased the competition for banks, so to say. The market looks a lot more favourable than even a few years earlier. And, a competent mortgage broker Beverley is in the best position to guide a buyer as to the right way to follow.

What needs to be mentioned as well is that parents can breathe a sigh of relief along with the other gainers. The childcare costs now will not be an impediment to them any longer. They can equally think of getting a mortgage as their peers without children because these costs will be shown as big expenditures which are liable for tax credits. Lenders are taking this into child benefits segment as well.

With all these new factors to be considered while borrowing money to purchase a property a buyer can depend on the advice of their mortgage broker Beverley to take them to the right direction. A well-experienced mortgage advisor Beverley can tell you the implications of any new modification guided by the government or the lenders.

Resource Box: A mortgage broker Beverley makes it easier to get a mortgage for buying a property. Take the help of your mortgage advisor Beverley to benefit from market change drivers.

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