Explore The Mind And Its Distresses With Dr. Russell Razzaque’s Groundbreaking Book

“Dr. Russell Razzaque’s book, ‘Breaking Down Is Waking Up: The Connection Between Mental Illness & Spiritual Awakening’, is a groundbreaking revelation for the mind and its distresses.”


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London (The UK), 2nd Aug 2017: With a medical degree and diploma in psychotherapy from the University of London, and being a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists as well as a part of the Specialist Register of the UK General Medical Council, Dr. Razzaque has an experience of 16 years in Psychiatry. Currently, he is associated with various organizations like the University of Cambridge and the National Health Service, and practices as an NHS Consultant Psychiatrist along with being the Honorary Senior Lecturer at UCL. Along with this, he has also authored a book called the ‘Breaking Down Is Waking Up: The Connection Between Mental Illness & Spiritual Awakening’ which is based on the connection between spiritual awakening and mental health concerns.

This book describes new kinds of treatment for mental illness and takes inspiration from Eastern approaches, revolving around practices such as mindfulness. These therapies not only treat the mental distress but also help a person to complete the process of spiritual growth, wherever possible. Dr. Russell Razzaque has made such revelations based on his solid experience of treating mental illness, along with ancient spiritual traditions and the advancements of modern science that include quantum physics and neuroscience.

‘Breaking Down Is Waking Up: The Connection Between Mental Illness & Spiritual Awakening’

This phenomenal book is now available at amazon.co.uk and has received quite high ratings among its readers. One such valuable reader, Mrs. A. Stewart has shared her experience of reading the book with us. She says, “Many of us are struggling in today’s society because humans weren’t meant to rush at the rate we now have to. Having experienced deep depression and anxiety the past few years, I bought this book to help me understand me, and the spiritual awakening/inklings that have accompanied the mental anguish. Russell describes a wheel of spiritual growth, and the counter wheel of mental illness, where both spiritual people and mentally ill people find themselves at the same place, but from entirely different perspectives: one peace, the other, terror as our ego builds higher and higher walls to deny our true self. Dr. Razzaque describes a way out of this mess, and how very, very important it is for mental health professionals to study and learn mindfulness, so that they, in turn, can truly help their patients. He has a number of websites to help us practise this ancient spiritual practice on a daily basis: 1mindfulmoment.com, as well. On the way to work yesterday, I got chatting to a social worker who helps mentally ill patients prepare for life back in the community. I told her to ask her boss to get Dr. Razzaque along to give a talk to them. I also gave her my book: no higher recommendation!”

If you want to know more about his practice and research initiatives or learn more about him, please visit his official website http://russellrazzaque.weebly.com/ today.

About Russell Razzaque: Dr. Russell Razzaque is a successful psychiatrist, writer, and Mindfulness teacher in the UK. You can visit http://russellrazzaque.weebly.com/ for further information about him or his achievements.



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