My outlook email search is not working

Striving in Outlook Email Search? Resolution in 3 Easy Steps

Outlook is a part of the Microsoft Office designed and developed by the Microsoft. It offers email services including other features and some of them are calendars, task manager, contacts and much more. It is user-friendly and easy to access. Outlook provides the best email experience in the mobile device also, as it supports Android and iOS too.

Outlook also stuck in some part and the resolution of the same is done by the Outlook Technical Support. The tech team resolves the issues and allow the users to enjoy the services of Outlook without any interruption.

Some of the users reported that Outlook email search is not working, and the best solution for the same is provided by the tech team. Just follow the below-mentioned procedure for the solution of the aforesaid issue.

Whenever you search the relevant data in the Outlook and got an error message “No matches found”, then be sure your Outlook search is not working, so to resolve the same, few steps have been mentioned in points wise for easy understanding.

Step 1: – Configure the Index

The problem is due to the “Index”, so the first step is to configure the Index. To do this, open “Setting” from the “Start” menu.

From the “Setting” section, search for the “Indexing Options” and click on it.

From the “Indexing Options”, click on the “Advanced” and then select the “File Types”.

Now scroll down and search for the “msg” in the Extension column.

Select “msg” and click on “OK”.

Step 2: – Configure Outlook in Included Locations

In this step you will configure Microsoft Outlook in “Included Locations”, to do this open “Setting” and select the “Indexing Options”.

Now see whether the Microsoft Outlook is listed in the “Included locations” or not, if not then select “Modify” and click in the checkbox to enable Outlook.

Step 3: – Rebuild the Index

Open “Setting” and from that select “Indexing Options”.

From the Indexing Options, click on the “Advanced” located at the bottom of the page.

You will see the File Setting from the “Advanced” section, just below the same “Rebuild” icon is there, click on it and then click “OK”.

Rebuild Index box will appear and it will show some information, click on “OK”.

When the Indexing is completed, click on “Close” tab.

Now open the Microsoft Outlook, click on “Search” and from the same click on “Indexing Status”.

The Indexing status will show the information message about the indexing of the items. If it shows 0, then you are all set. Now use the Outlook search feature in an effective way.

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