Why You Need Sod Installation Services in Calgary

Introduction : Are you having a thin, scarce and patchy lawn? If yes, the ultimate solution to your problem is sod installation. People often gets confused while choosing between sod and natural grass.


Article Body :Well, the experts always suggest going for sod as it requires comparatively less care and the end results are greener and lusher. For effective lawn growth, its advised to hire Calgary lawn experts for quality sod installation.

Some reasons why you choose sod installation for your lawn


1. It covers mud patches: If you have children or pets that regularly plays in the yard, consider installing sod to cover the mud and yellow patches. This will prevent the mud from flowing during the rains along with improving the looks of the yard.

2. It prevents soil erosion: You might have noticed that during heavy rains along with water the drains are filled with soil and mud particles. The reason for this is unhealthy lawns which get washed away with a rainstorm. The ideal way to prevent this soil erosion is sodding. It effectively prevents the washout from the minute its laid.


3. It needs less maintenance: Since sod is generally a mature plant, it requires very less care, maintenance and attention once installed. In contrast, a grass seed needs to be watered, fertilized, mowed, raked for until an year to prevent washouts during heavy rains.


4. It saves you with money: Just because Calgary sod installation doesn’t require regular maintenance, the costs that are involved in bringing it up are consequently reduced. There isn’t any need to purchase costly herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, and other lawn equipments. This results in saving both money and hassles.

5. It looks greener: These grown up grasses are comparatively more green and lush compared to traditional grass seeds. Moreover, they are thick and dense installations that covers up the entire yard to prevent yellow lawn patches which are responsible for ruining the beauty of a lawn.

6. It avoids herbicides: Weeds can take up the entire soil nutrient, thereby resulting in the dying of traditional grass. In contrast, sod grass doesn’t allow the weeds to occupy a yard. This prevents the use of herbicides that are generally sprinkled to retard the weed growth.

7. It grows even on poor soil: Sods can easily grow on any area, no matter it is high or low in nutrients. This means you need not have top quality soils that are rich in nutrients. Moreover, a homeowner also doesn’t need to use fertilizers, regular watering and frequent lawn care services in Calgary.

These are the few reasons that point towards the need of installing sod compared to regular grass. The Lawnfather is a leading lawn installation company that offers wide range of lawn mowing, aeration, power raking, trimming and mulching services in Calgary at affordable costs.

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