An Engineer’s Guide to passing FE Electrical & Computer Engineering Exam

If you aspire to become a Professional Engineer it is generally necessary to successfully pass the FE exam which is a prerequisite before you can apply for PE Exam. Taking and passing the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam is a requirement for attaining professional license as an engineer. FE exam preparation requires diligent study and it cover many topics. However, with the resources available at Study for FE you can prepare for the exam with a prudent and intelligent study strategy.

When preparing for the FE Electrical and Computer exam, Study Guide, Practice Exams and On-demand course will be very helpful as they collectively provide a comprehensive coverage of major concepts. It is important to remember that this exam is a competence test that covers almost entire undergraduate electrical and computer engineering coursework.

When studying for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, it is wise to employ smart studying strategies to improve the performance on exam. Although each test-taker’s experience is certainly unique, you will be glad to put an end to your search for useful exam preparation resources at Study For FE – one place, where you can find valuable resources that comprehensively cover FE Electrical and Computer CBT Exam.

One of the many customers while highly recommending the book says, “This is a MUST HAVE book for FE candidates in EE especially if you have been out of school for a while.”

The three practice exams offer FE Exam-Style questions for students and the Study Guide contains 400+ solved problems especially developed by Wasim Asghar, PE, P. Eng, M. Eng.

About Study for FE: is the official online site developed by Wasim Asghar, a renowned author and Licensed Professional Engineer in Texas (PE), Florida (PE) and Ontario (P. Eng) who passed these exams in first attempts. The lessons learned in preparing for FE Exam inspired him to develop these valuable resources which are designed to help students in thorough preparation of their FE Electrical and Computer CBT Exam. To know more about FE exam preparation please visit our website HERE:

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