Tips to choose the best gaming motherboard

The motherboard is the main part of a computer system which connects all other parts to each other and let them communicate. You can say it as the heart of a computer system. It is difficult to choose the right motherboard, and it becomes harder to choose the best gaming motherboard. We will show you some tips to help you in this regard.

Decide the type of CPU:

First of all, you should decide the CPU type you are going with. You may think that it is irrelevant to the motherboard. But it will decide which type of motherboard do you need. Let us take an example, if you are going to select the Intel CPU, then you need to choose a motherboard with socket 775. Otherwise, you will not be able to use your processor with the motherboard. So decide the type of CPU so that you can make a better choice.

Over clocking:

Here we are talking about the best gaming motherboard, and gaming is incomplete without over clocking.  Some motherboards don’t support the over clocking feature provided by various processors. So choose the best gaming motherboard that allows to change FSB speed and CPU voltage. These factors are the core of over clocking.

RAM support:

Your gaming motherboard should be able to accept latest RAM type or at least DDR3 type of RAM. The faster the RAM is, the better the experience you will get. Moreover, your motherboard should be supported to faster RAM speed. For example, some older motherboards support on 667 MHz RAM. It is strongly recommended that you should check this aspect at first place.


Number of RAM slots:

In addition to RAM type, determine the number of present slots for RAM. Older motherboards allow only 3-4 RAM slots, making it difficult to increase the RAM in the future. For example, if you have all 4

5656 slots occupied by RAMs and you want to increase it by more 8 GIGs, then you need to remove the older one and insert a new RAM with large capacity. On the other hand, if your motherboard allows you more slots, then you can simply add new RAM and enjoy double speed. So check RAM slots before making a purchase.

SATA 2 capability:

SATA 1 interface now an outdated interface. It has lower speed than the current requirement. The SATA 2 interface can transfer data at the double of the SATA 1 interface. And as we are building up our the best gaming motherboard, then ever single second is the matter of death or life in games.  So choose the one with SATA 2 interface capability. SATA 2 is also backward supported with old SATA 1 interfaces, so you can use your older devices with it. Moreover: RAID users must have this interface to use their devices.

Final words:

This was our article helping you out in choosing the best gaming motherboard. We hope that these tips will help you find out the best gaming motherboard from the market.

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