Four Ways to Pay for Medical Help (When You Don’t Have Insurance)

More than 24 million Americans do not have health insurance.This creates a burden on the medical industry and our personal well-being. Many of us are one paycheck away from financial disaster. Throw in a medical emergency and we’re toast.

Postponing a visit to the doctor could cost you your life.

Those that are uninsured end up using the emergency room as their go-to when in need of medical assistance. This handles the upfront cost which would be found with a GP, walk-in, or urgent care clinic but the final bill is astronomical!


A growing method to pay for medical bills is through platforms like GoFundMe or YouCaring.These create an easy way to collect donations to pay for health services without seeming desperate and pushy. You’re able to thank those that have donated and keep them updated within the system.

The crowdfunding platforms have seen a slew of success stories for individuals that would have otherwise found an early grave.These are worth considering if you’re sincere about your commitment to health. Such as checking into a drug rehab center to get clean and do on-going activities to stay on track or being able to afford necessary prescriptions that are too far out of your budget.

Medical Tourism

The price of health care in the United States seems out of control.

Bordering countries (Canada and Mexico) are a stone’s throw away. These two countries have fantastic medical professionals and cheap drug prices at a fraction of what it costs in the States.It’s crazy to think that you could fly to Mexico, get the treatment, spend a few weeks soaking up the sun on the beach, and get home with thousands of dollars in your pocket from the savings.



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