Dr. Yogeet Kapoor Astrological Consultant @ Ayur-Vastu.com offers Vastu for Workplaces

If you are seeking positive flow of energies in your living environment and work place Vedic astrological consultant can provide the right solutions. Dr. Yogeet Kapoor at Ayur-Vastu is acclaimed for thorough study of Vastu an ancient and a beautiful implementation of Vedic Astrology. Vastu Shastra largely associated with the construction of buildings, both commercial and residential is an area of specialization that Dr. Yogeet Kapoor practices and helps his clients recognize the existence of Vastu in everyday lives.


Astrological Consultant Dr. Yogeet Kapoor is Vastu Guru an expert of vastu and jyotish shastra. He has been working for international brands and celebrities. He is instrumental in bringing authentic Vastu & Jyotish Shastra to Europe, UK.

At Ayur Vastu you can find EFFECTIVE VASTU SOLUTIONS WITHOUT HEAVY RENOVATIONS. Under the guidance of Dr. Yogeet Kapoor AyurVastu a scientific method of healing space based on vastu shastra and ayurveda provides effective solutions to vastu defects (Vastu dosha) causing imbalance in a building without heavy renovations. Astrology Consultation Service from Dr. Kapoor is acclaimed for impactful results that synergise human architectural spaces with the basic five elements called panchtattva.

One of the many satisfied clients at AyurVastu Preeti and Harmeet Indian Zayeka Restaurant (Switzerland, UK), say “Thanks to Ayur vastu done by Mr. Yogeet Kapoor which has balanced the energies of our house to the level that has brought peace prosperity and progress in our lives. We have seen drastic changes in our personal and professional lives after having implementing vastu’s concepts and ideas. We firmly recommend all the people facing problems in any aspect to seek expertise consultations from Mr. Kapoor.”

Dr. Yogeet Kapoor offers services at AyurVastu for:

  • AyurVastu For Homes
  • AyurVastu For Offices &Workplaces
  • AyurVastu For Factories & Industrial Zones
  • For Large Spaces

        (E.G. Malls & Conventions)

With an expertise in Vastu for Workplaces he brings positive changes to correct Vastu faults, leading to optimum energy flow, positivity and growth. The process consequently improves profits, productivity, and creativity of your business.

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