Importance of Best Controllers for PC Gaming

The mouse and keyboard will always be our first choice for gaming on the PC but to have the ultimate gaming experience on PC, one needs a controller. Many games are better suited with controllers rather than a conventional keyboard and mouse. One can have a Gaming keyboard with a gaming mouse to have a better experience but it will never match the controller.

Controllers are better in terms of comfort, control and compatibility. There are many games for example first person shooter and racing which are better suited with controllers. As everybody knows that the best graphics are provided by PC’s and to fully enjoy games, one can buy a controller. It is very important to have buying guide of best controllers for PC gaming.

As gaming is a billion-dollar industry, many companies are gearing up to make the ultimate controller fulfilling everyone’s needs. You can always buy an Xbox One Elite controller or a PlayStation Dual Shock 4 controller but as these controllers are made for Xbox and PlayStation so you’ll need some sort of software to use them with PC or and emulator. The other option is to buy controllers made specifically for PC use like Steam Controller, Razer Wildcat, Logitech F310, Logitech F710 Wireless, Mad Catz, Razer Sabretooth and many more. The best part about these controllers is that they are purposely built for PC’s and come with company software which is easy to install and is configurable with each game whether it be a first-person shooter or a racing game or another for that matter.

Another plus point of these controllers is that they come with drivers and software which allow you to play any game and allow you to set different keys for any function you want. It allows gamers to play console sports with their console native style controls, while allowing programmable buttons which usually require keyboard inputs. One thing that keyboards miss out on is the vibration feedback which gives gamers a more realistic and immerse feel from games rather than just bland keyboards.

Most modern keyboards also have a touch keypad that you can use for literally anything. It can be used as a mouse in a first-person shooter game or just too simply surf the web or use Facebook. The ergonomic design of these controllers always provides a comfortable feel even after hours of gaming. Most gaming controllers now come wirelessly. Although, there are many wireless gaming keyboards and mouse, yet the one thing that gamers do not want is lag and controllers are proving that better than keyboards. Most modern keyboards are now coming with memory function for saving your profiles so even if you are on the road you’ll never be without your custom setup. You can also connect these controllers with android tablets and phones with Bluetooth and enjoy gaming on the go.

There are pros and cons of everything and best controllers for PC gaming have no exception. There is always the issue of price. You can play with a standard keyboard and mouse but you’ll need a proper gaming controller for gaming and yes, they do cost a lot. The joysticks tend to break a lot and the wear and tear is one of the serious issues with controllers. The keys and the touch pad are small and prone to wearing off with the passage of time. But in the end the pros outweigh the cons and the best option for gaming is getting a PC with good hardware, some heavy headphones and a flashy controller.

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