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EA Sports has confirmed that the biggest sports title Madden will always refine the gameplay with a more faithful simulation experience and recreate College football in that year’s Madden NHL 18 Coins.

A new story-based occupation mode, Long shot is included in Madden 18 and will be the first ever story mode for the NFL 18 Coins franchise game. It’s something completely fresh, not only for Madden, but for the sports-sim genre. The Texas Longhorns and also the Oregon Ducks were revealed contained in the new Longshot story manner feature, which sees you play the role of any NFL prospect on their road to the Draft.

The mode, Longshot revolves around Devin Wade’s pursuit of NFL glory and will include several key characters: Mahershala Ali, J. R. Lemon, and Scott Porter.

CUTTER WADE: Played by Academy Award-winning actor Mahershala Ali, Cutter was once a great athlete who dedicated his or her life to Devin and also their shared passion regarding football.

COLT CRUISE: Played by Scott Porter, this happy-go-lucky jokester can be a fiercely loyal friend which cares about Devin’s chance in the NFL just as much as his own.

DAN MARINO: One of the greatest quarterbacks in recent history, Marino serves as Devin’s tutor who doesn’t always play with the rules.

Released with Tom Brady, Madden NFL 18 are going to be available in a standard and also a G. O. A. T. Edition that will let you play 3 days before. Stay tuned at MMO4PAL for more on Madden 18 just around the corner and the release date have been set for August 20 on PS4 and Xbox 360 One. By the way, our site now present cheap Madden NHL 18 Coins on the market on Xbox One, PS4, Android and IOS.


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