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When I was pregnant I always said I would never do it, and by “it” I mean have matching outfits with my daughter. Oh how cute I was back then, thinking I’d never have the urge! But I feel like every mom goes thru this stage. Thru the stage of having mommy and me outfits, and that is totally okay! Whether you and your cute little one are matching because of a “mommy and me” picture session or just because, today I’m sharing with you my 8 tips to finding the perfect mommy and me outfits!

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Shopping online makes everything so much easier! Why? Because you can look at so many different stores and all their selection without having to physically spend time going to multiple stores. I also love shopping online because most online stores carry way more selection than what you will find in town
Most brands will have a similar style or colors for the season, which means it will be easier to find pieces for both your little one and yourself to match! And if you’re on the smaller side and can fit into kid’s clothing – then go for it! Make it work for you! Accessorize the outfit to make it a little more your style or grown up looking. There is no wrong doing with this!
With the above in mind, I totally love seeing pictures where mommy and daughter are completely matching! I think it is adorable! Specially for fun photo shoots. It can be something as simple as both wearing the same kind of tee, which would be the easiest way to match with your little one. Find a basic color top that you can both match, and same shoes. Then have fun with it and accessorize it in different ways to fit her cute style and yours.
Okay, you don’t have to be super matchy matchy if you’re not into it. Having just similar color schemes is totally still a mommy-and-me-outfit! Having similar prints included in both of your outfits, or maybe only matching your shoes or hairstyle would be just adorable and it is a lot more doable.
Having a theme is a great idea for having mommy and me outfits and it totally applies to boys and girls! Maybe having a country theme, where the boy is dressed more cowboy like, and the mom country chic. If its daughter and mommy, both can wear cowgirl boots, same hats and different dresses. This way it is coordinated, but not exactly the same. The possibilities are endless!
gain, matching colors is the easiest way to come up with these kinds of outfits. Making sure you and your little one are incorporating the same colors into both of your outfits is a for sure easy way to get the mommy and me look! You can coordinate colors based on the season and time of the year, for fall think browns and oranges, for summer bright fun colors, spring time totally calls for pastels and winter time , well of course your blues and navies. So many options!
My most important tip? Have fun with it! Don’t stress if the colors don’t fit exactly the same or any of that nonsense! Just enjoy the moment and let your kids have input in it as well, they will enjoy getting dressed up even more if they have a say in what they are wearing and shopping for it as well!

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