Renovation projects – doe het zelf

Installing tegels to your home is an exciting project, because you get to personalize the room however you please and it is the perfect opportunity to choose between colors and textures. However, there are some tips you can keep count of when deciding upon tiles, to make the decision process a lot easier. Besides deciding upon tiles, there is the matter of who will install them, if you wish to hire a professional for the job or you want to doe het zelf. There are great benefits in both cases.

Tegels are highly preferred by many homeowners, because they are versatile, easy to maintain and clean and highly durable. This is why they are installed in the kitchen, bathroom, on the hallways and even in outdoor areas. One important consideration is aesthetics. Coordinating the tiles with the rest of the room is important if you want a nice effect and you want everything to blend in nicely. Tiles should not only match the walls, but also other elements in the room, the cupboards, for example, furniture, work tops, what color scheme you have chosen in that specific room and such.

Once properly installed, tegels will last for many years and only when you plan on renovating the house again, you will have to change them, so what you decide now will influence the overall d├ęcor for a long period of time. You should decide upon colors and tones, if you want light or bright ones, pale shades or add contrast and make sure colors pop when you enter the room. Think also about the amount of light that enters the room and if tiles will reflect it. Also, there is the decision between glossy floor tiles or matte ones. Without question, glossy ones make a room pop and will certainly attract attention, but in the same time, they have to be cleaned regularly, as dirt shows off more.

There are two main materials used for tegels, porcelain or ceramic. Knowing a bit about them can help considerably at making the choice. Porcelain tiles are more durable than ceramic ones and they are denser as well. Even for outdoor use, porcelain tiles can be installed with ease and they will not crack easily. Depending on the amount of traffic within an area, you can focus on installing one of them. For domestic use, ceramic tiles work just fine and they can be highly durable as well, especially when you choose high-quality ones. You can find them graded, so you will know what works best for you.

Installing tiles is not a big issue, especially if you are aware of techniques and you know the additional materials needed and you also have the necessary equipment. It is a job that requires some attention and time, because in some areas, tiles have to be cut in order to fit in smaller places or in corners. If you doe het zelf, you have to be aware that some time is required, depending on how skilled you are and if you have done it before. Many people have greater satisfaction with doe het zelf renovation projects, because they do it with their own hands and when the work is done, they can be proud of what they have accomplished.

Resource Box: Are you looking for diverse tegels for your renovation project? This showroom has everything you need, even if you want to doe het zelf.

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