Need Solution for Problem With AT&T Yahoo Mail Account

The merging of AT&T and Yahoo Mail has brought some people to No Man’s land. Such users are looking to know about merged AT&T and Yahoo Mail accounts as exactly how to use them.

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Since the time AT&T and Yahoo Mail got merged, many AT&T users are feeling confused and facing different types of problem accessing their account than simply find solution using 24/7 Yahoo Helpline Service Number.  While some users are having issues like sending or receiving emails or not being able to even access their accounts, some are looking to know how exactly to use the merged email accounts.

To clear the confusion, Experts of ABC COMPANY begins by stating firstly that AT&T is no longer offering the users with an option to merge AT&T and Yahoo Mail accounts. So, unfortunately, those who are looking to merge their account will not be able to do so. Apart from that, the important things to consider about the merging or AT&T and Yahoo Mail is that a user whose account has already been merged can use either of the email address when signing in to Change your password or Manage your AT&T account profile. For both accounts, a user has the same password as the two accounts have become a single account. Also, a user can access emails through his/her both AT&T email address and Yahoo Mail address as emails will be received on both accounts. And, a user can use either of the email address to log into his/her email account.

Moreover, in order to find AT&T Member ID or AT&T email address, a user can recover it by signing in to AT&T email account and selecting the Mail icon and also with help of Yahoo technical support team experts. After that, he/she will need to select the Compose option and then a user can find the AT&T Member ID listed under the From drop-down menu.

While some users are facing different sorts of problem and looking for a sure shot solution, customers who have taken assistance from ABC COMPANY regarding the problems they faced due to the merging of AT&T and Yahoo Mail are satisfied and recommends company’s name to others. One of the reviews given by the customer of ABC COMPANY states:

“…..I had no idea as to how to use my merged AT&T accounts as I have never used Yahoo Mail before. But when I get in touch with the ABC COMPANY’S customer support expert, all my queries and doubts were cleared just like that. I Have been using my merged account without any problem since then..…..”


ABC COMPANY is a reliable third-party AT&T customer support service provider which has a proven track record of catering customers with 100 percent working solutions for their problems

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