Basics of tegels for DIY enthusiasts, choosing the right tile

If you are planning to do the tegels of your house then knowing a thing or two about the different kinds of tiles will definitely help in taking the right decisions. This is the first rule for doe het zelf or DIY enthusiasts – gathering knowledge – after which comes practise. First of all, the usability of tiles depends on where they are to be used. Hence there are three main types – rooms, kitchen and bathroom tiles.

Then are the factors on which the selection is to be based. These are longevity, abrasion resistance, porosity, degree of imperviousness, aesthetics and price. Room floors, kitchens and bathrooms have different requirements when it comes to tiles. In some cases like in bathrooms we can use marble or mosaics on both walls and floor. It’s safer to use small mosaics on bathrooms as they have high friction and more grout lines. Mosaics work great in areas which are prone to a lot of moisture. Glazed ceramic or porcelain can also be a great choice as tegels for your bathroom. Natural stones can be used with a waterproofing layer.

Kitchen floors would require tiles which are stain and water resistant, able to withstand the continuous usage and therefore durable. Tiles that last long are naturally a better choice to interior decorators and builders because you don’t do floor tiles every day. Unglazed porcelain is a popular choice as it is stain resistant, but if you are looking to doe het zelf then chose glazed ceramic tiles as they are softer and therefore easier to cut and install. In case of natural stones, you will have to invest in a stone sealer after every two to three years, as stones are porous. But if you talk about looks, nothing else stands to win.

For outdoor areas of your house, it is best to use natural stones because they have high resistance to the natural elements. Also, it doesn’t slip too easily, which makes it a better choice than marble for areas like the outdoor pool. The entrance area can have slate with dark grout lines to hide the footprints. Slate is also slip-resistant thanks to its textured surface. People usually prefer hardwood on their bedroom floors. But to save costs, laminate flooring can be an option. The drawback is that the wear layer may come off and the entire laminated floor will have to be replaced if inferior quality laminate tile is used. Basements can have large tiles which are slightly heavier because they have a stable subsurface. Porcelain tiles with wood look may be a good choice for basements.

Parquet is coming up as a popular choice for those who want to have tegels with warm feel. This does away from the need to have carpets. The only pull away factor is its price but if you consider its durability, it may not be a bad bargain at all. All the above information is vital for those who wish to embark on a doe het zelf voyage. Being aware of all the options is important if you wish to make the right choice about the kind of tiles you use.

Gather all information about tegels and then start doe het zelf to have better control on the project.

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