Meadowbrook Pharmacy continuing to serve the locality

These days we prefer to buy our products and services online and that includes all daily necessities and emergency items as well. But there are still local businesses like Meadowbrook Pharmacy that had a strong presence for sixty years. When they recently decided to stop their operations, a new business came forward to take care of the services, in a new avatar however. The store has now some new, innovative services including the advantage of online pharmacy where you can order your medicines online just like any other retail chain stores and they are delivered at your place soon.

The new Meadowbrook Pharmacy will have the full selection of prescription and over-the-counter medications and the old customers can find their regular medicines as earlier. Vaccines and flu shots services will be provided by the host of friendly staff and you can be assured of their friendly attention. For blood pressure monitoring also you can visit the pharmacy. The compounding service of Meadowbrook Pharmacy is still continuing with the same level of efficiency and reliability. Specialized procedural compounding formulas for dermatology, dentistry and veterinary services are available as well. The specialty medicines suggested by the local physicians for their old patients will be available at the pharmacy too.

The range of vitamins and nutritional supplements has been widened and almost all the products offered by leading manufacturers are now available at the pharmacy and naturally through their online pharmacy. You can now order your home health care equipment online. If you want to wish good health to your friends or family members, purchase their gift and greeting cards and that will be delivered by the online pharmacy. When you visit the pharmacy physically, however, you can enjoy the drinks and snacks sold there and spend a lovely time chatting with the neighbors or friendly staff at the counter. Busy moms can also pick up their routine convenience items and sundries while the staff packs her medicines.

Our busy lifestyle demands a strict monitoring of your health conditions and Meadowbrook Pharmacy has opened a personalized consulting service on health, medication and nutritional requirements. You can always schedule an appointment with their consultants and receive tips and suggestions and also purchase the supplements suggested by the expert. The online pharmacy still delivers the medicines six days per week as earlier.

The specialty services at Meadowbrook Pharmacy are quite extensive now. Do you know that you can now get your pharmacogenetic testing done here? Visit the website of the online pharmacy and you get to know every piece of information regarding the test, the procedure, the authenticity of the test, the time it takes to receive the report etc. The test is generally done on receipt of a prescription from your doctor but the pharmacy can contact your doctor for the documentation on your behalf as well. The website clearly mentions the cost of the test and suggests the right way to receive insurance reimbursement for the test. The test is completely safe and painless as the phlebotomist carefully collects the cheek swab. When your old pharmacy can offer you so much why look for any other retail chain drug stores?

Meadowbrook Pharmacy and its online pharmacy is now offering all the services they used to and more.

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