The Lion, the Camel, the Jackal and the Crow

There was once a jungle that was ruled by a lion called Madotkata, who had a leopard, a jackal and a crow at his service, along with other animals.

The Lion, The Camel, The Jackal And The Crow – Panchatantra Story PictureAs they did regularly, they were wandering about the jungle one day, when the lion saw a camel at a distance. This camel had separated from its caravan and was feeding itself on the green grass of the jungle.

The lion took a fancy on this animal that he had not seen before, “Let us go and ask this extraordinary animal, where he comes from.”

The crow, who flies to far-off places was aware and replied, “Master, it is called a camel and this animal lives in villages. The flesh of this animal tastes good, let us kill it and eat it.”

But the lion disagreed, “He does not belong to the jungle, so he is our guest. I will not kill it. Please go and assure him that no harm will be done, and bring him to me”.

The Lion, The Camel, The Jackal And The Crow – Panchatantra Story PictureAs per the lion’s instruction, they went to the camel and assured him that they were to bring it to the lion. They won its confidence, and they brought the camel to the lion.

The camel stood before the lion and bowed. He also narrated how he had gotten separated from his caravan and how he had reached the jungle.

On hearing this, the lion said, “Oh Camel, if you return to the village you will be made a beast to carry burden again. Stay in the jungle under my kingdom instead. You can feast on the abundant green grass of the jungle without any fear.


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