The Bird Pair and the Sea

A pair of Tittibha birds, husband and wife lived on seashore. The female Tittibha bird was expecting to lay eggs and raise a family.

When the time to lay eggs came, she asked her husband to look for a safe place to lay her eggs, “My dear, please look for some good and safe place for me to lay eggs as it is almost time for me to lay the them.”

But the male Tittibha bird said, “Dearest, where in the world could be a better place than this seashore? Please lay your eggs here.”

She disagreed, “The waves of sea on full moon nights are so high that they can drag even an elephant into it. No, please find a place away from here.”

The male Tittibha bird laughed and insisted, “The Sea would not even dare to do any harm to my children! Do not fear unnecessarily and lay eggs here without any worries.”

All the time, the Sea had been hearing this, and thought, “From a small bird as he, such impudence is not expected. I’ll certainly take away his eggs to see what he does after that and teach him a lesson.”

Within a few days, the female Tittibha bird laid her eggs in the seashore. Shortly afterward, when the birds went away in search of food, the Sea started making waves. The waves became higher and higher, till it swallowed the eggs into it.

The birds returned later to find the nest empty. The female Tittibha bird started weeping bitterly, “See for yourself that the waves of the sea has swallowed our eggs. You are a fool not to listen to me when I asked you to find a safe place to lay eggs.”

The male Tittibha bird continued its stupidity, “Dear, don’t you worry. I will prove to you how brilliant I am. I will dry the sea, and force it to return our eggs.”

The female Tittibha bird wondered, “How can you dry this enormous sea?”

The male Tittibha bird explained, “Even small beings can overcome the strongest opponents if they are zealous. And so, I plan to dry up the whole sea by sucking its water with my beak.”

The wife argued, “How can you suck the sea dry, when rivers like the Ganges and Indus, and hundreds of other rivers flow into it. There is no good in this babbling”. While the husband argued, “I’ll work day and night to suck all the water from the sea with my beak, which is as solid as iron. Man can succeed only after putting efforts”.

The female Tittibha bird understood that she will not be able to convince him, “Dear, there is no point in arguing. If you want to conquer the sea, please call for your friends to help you”. The husband agreed, “All right, I will do this with the help of my friends”.

Now, all the friends of the male Tittibha bird were called and when they all gathered together, the male Tittibha bird explained his problem with the sea, and how it had insulted him, and how he plans to dry the sea to seek revenge.


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