The War of Crows and Owls

There was a huge Banyan tree near a city called Mahilaropyam. Its unnumerable branches were home to a large number of crows. Meghavarana was the king of these crows.

There was a cave nearby, which was home of a large number of owls. Arimaradana was the king of these owls.

The owls, as they regarded the crows as enemies, would fly around the Banyan tree every night. And if they caught hold of any crows, they would attack them and kill them. The crows could not see as clearly as the owls during the night, and could not save themselves. As time went by, many crows were killed.

Meghavarana, the king of crows had a council of five ministers: Ujjeevi, Sanjeevi, Anujjevi, Prajeevi and Chiranjeevi. He addressed them, “O Ministers, our enemy takes advantage by attacking at night and succeeds in killing many of us as we cannot fight them in dark. We cannot attck them at daytime since we don’t know their stronghold. The enemy is dangerous and we need to decide what to do. Please advise me with your views.”

Ujjeevi suggested, “O Majesty, I advise you to make peace with the enemy as the enemy is strong and untiring”

Sanjeevi said, “O King, the enemy is not only strong but also cruel and follows no ethics of war. Peace with such party cannot last. Let us fight in a way that we can gain advantage.”

Anujeevi advised, “The enemy is stronger than us, so it will not be wise to fight them. They are cruel and have not ethics, so we cannot make peace with them. I suggest we retreat to a safer place.”


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