Options you have for catering Cyprus

Cyprus cuisine is quite similar to Greek cuisine. A typical Cypriot cuisine will have appetizers, salads and delicacies, main course and dessert. If you want to serve your guests with authentic catering Cyprus and traditional Cyprus coffee on your special events or treat them royally with a cocktail reception, talk to your Cyprus-based event planner today.


There are so many traditional beverages that are brewed in the island. Appetizers include Tzatziki (which is prepared with yogurt, cucumber, garlic, olive oil and with a dash of pepper) or Tahini (prepared with crushed sesame seeds in a base of olive oil, garlic and lemon). If you entrust your event planner with the responsibility of arranging the food they will tell you the options you have in traditional, Greek, European or typical Mediterranean cuisines. Taramosalata, Haloumi and Hummus are now popular internationally because of their unique taste.


You can enchant your guests with wonderful main courses like Soulva in which lamb, chicken or pork is cooked on a skewer and garnished with salt, lemon and oregano. A beef or rabbit stew (Stifado) cooked in vinegar, spices, wine and onions will be something extremely tasty and intriguing for their palate. Mousaka is a preparation of baked lamb and eggplant that is garnished with béchamel sauce. Only a local event planner will be able to guide you in selecting the right menu for your special event.


If you are inviting your friends for afternoon tea party, the event planner will be able to arrange it in a traditional afternoon tea house of Nicosia or Palia Poli. Here the guests will be served Tea Sandwiches; Petit Fours; Muffins; Whipped Butter and Preserves and English and Herbal Teas. The menu may vary from one house to the other and may include Fruit tartlets; Carrot cake with cream cheese; Chocolate brownies and seasonal fruits.


The advantage of working with a well-known event and party planner of Cyprus for your special events is they can provide you end-to-end solution to your catering Cyprus needs. You can give them the responsibility for arranging drinks, menus and bar for making your cocktail reception just perfect. They will be able to offer you different options in types of bar (consumption bar, where the guests buy their drinks; open bar or a cocktail bar, which is perfect for enthralling your guests with unique cocktail presentations).


Cocktail reception in Cyprus can be made special with the help of resourceful event and party planners. They can be communicated on your requirements, number of guests and the type of services you are looking for and your budget. You can see the choice of Martinis, Champagne and Cocktails that will be offered at the bar and also the cost of the drinks in their websites. This would help you in drawing your an estimated budget. Catering Cyprus can also be customised depending on your requirement. If you need to organise an event that involves kids, you can ask the party planners to select a menu suitable for them or the platters and cakes that can be included. The entire process becomes very easy and hassle free for someone like you who would be reaching the country just few days before their events and would expect arrangements to be completed.


Selecting the right   catering Cyprus    is extremely important for the success of the   cocktail reception  . You should pay sufficient time in finalising them.

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