Cyprus has great options for a perfect wedding planning

Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, is naturally an extremely romantic gateway and it is also one of the most popular destinations for wedding. But to make your event a grand success, proper wedding planning and hiring wedding cars should be your top priority.


Cyprus receives couples of all ages and nationalities who come here for the most romantic wedding ‘everything under the Sun’. The Mediterranean atmosphere, happy and jovial people around and expert party planners make the event special and the best experience of their life. The island’s famous connection to romance is too strong to ignore and people plan their dream wedding getting the best in their budget. The island has some great wedding venues and the ideal weather with beautiful sunny days throughout the year. Its beautiful beaches are also quite popular as wedding venues. The party planners can design your wedding selecting the venue, arranging for the food and drinks, taking care of the entertainment options and arranging for the wedding cars as well.


You will have to specify your budget and the kind of arrangements you are looking for and the party planner will have numerous options for you to choose from. These wedding planners are experienced, professional and most of them speak English. The couples can get their marriage licence and get married without any legal hassles. If you prefer a church wedding or a beach wedding the planning can be done accordingly. Some popular locations are spread around the capital city, Nicosia and in Ayia Napa (Ammos Kampouri beach; Cape Greco; Aoratos Venue; Thalassa Museum; Poseidon Palace; The Town Hall and the amphitheatre there and Ayios Epifanios). Each of these destinations has their unique charm and appeal and hence, wedding planning has to be unique as well. Other popular places are situated around Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos.


Selecting the cars to be used for the wedding is quite critical. You not only require the cars for the bride and the groom but a set of cars for ferrying the guests including groom-men, bridesmaids, relatives and the parents. You can opt for Limos, antique cars, horse carriage, buses etc. from a wide variety of choices. Not only that, you can ask the event planners to arrange for yachts and sail boats or planes and helicopters if you really want to make the event adventurous. For a sophisticated and formal feel nothing can beat the appeal of antique cars and you will be amazed to see the collection the event planners have with them.



Your wedding planning cannot be complete without the floral decorations of the wedding cars. Since you can communicate with the party planner over telephone or email, they can give you all the details including the photographs of the cars available, the type of decorations to choose from, the number of cars, their rental rates etc. Therefore, before reaching the country, you know the amount you have to pay them and allocate your budget accordingly. The entire process is transparent and convenient and you will not be surprised with unwanted expenditures overshooting your budget.


An important part of   wedding planning  is selecting the  wedding cars    and your Cyprus-based event planner can be of great help in this regard.

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