Weddings Cyprus, a memory to cherish forever

Wedding bells are just around the corner. It’s time to choose wedding equipment, decor, location, invitations, food, music, silverware, table arrangements, etc. Weddings Cyprus becomes events that remain etched in the memories of every attending guest.


For the bride and groom and their families planning the wedding may become a worry too much. So, here’s the solution – why not think about handing over all these responsibilities to a competent and experienced event management company? Let them take care of all the details while you can focus your attention on the D-day. While they will chalk it out, you will just have to supervise and let them know what you expect.


Weddings Cyprus – planning

Whether you want to splurge or you are on a budget, your dream wedding will become a reality. A cosy affair or big wedding – an exotic location with the right wedding equipments and professionals with their personalized service is not a distant reality. There are packages to choose from and if you want a customized one, it’s possible as well. Talking about equipments, you will need AV support with audio, musical and video equipments. Food and catering may include any or all of bar, buffet, food preparation and serving equipments. Tableware will include china, flatware and glassware.


Weddings mean decor in sync with the mood of the event. It maybe a theme decoration or a conventional one and decor and flowers need to be rented accordingly. If you are planning on a theme wedding then matching transfers are available too. Antique cards, yachts or sailboats, horses with carriages – anything you have in mind can be arranged. A beach wedding is not uncommon when it is a romantic location like Cyprus. Hence the sailboats arriving with the invitees from a pre-planned location will give your wedding that extra glitz. Planes and helicopters are also available along with buses and limos.


Inviting and entertaining guests

Give out special invitations to your friends and family for your special day and make them feel that they are a part of something big. The event planners have innovative entertainment ideas that can make it exciting and enjoyable for everyone. Depending on how much you are willing to spare, bands, models, celebrities, performers, etc., can be made a part of your wedding celebrations. Kids can have their special shows. Babysitting or pet sitting services can be arranged. You can also include accommodation services for your guests in your wedding package. And, let’s not forget about photography. Clicking those rare moments or shooting videos of laughter and joy, stays on forever, spreading their warmth across the screen.


Last but not the least, getting decked up with the help of professional beauticians and make-up artists will be a memorable part of weddings Cyprus as well. You could also buy yourself a wedding effe from online portals of the wedding planners to add that ‘wow’ factor to this special event. With the location, decor, invitations, entertainment and wedding equipments all planned out, it’s time for you to relax and wait for the special day to arrive.

A choice of  wedding equipment  along with other services make  weddings Cyprus  special. Professional event management company and wedding planners can see to this.