LIWTS with interesting tips says- ‘Don’t grow up, Keep growing marijuana!’

growing marijuanaBirmingham, UK, July 12, 2017- CEO of LIWTS (Legalize It. We Think So), in an event on growing marijuana said-

“In this epicurean world, marijuana is medicinal, recreational or probably both. And seeing this age offering more accessibility to this pot plant is extremely heartening.”

The gathering was mainly to spread awareness of the usefulness of the herb.

In support of this, the website already hosts numerous perks and medicinal values of this herb and which will increase with the passage of time.

People who were present there did pose plenty of queries.  Interestingly majority of the attendees did want to know about the right ways of growing weed (both indoor as well as outdoor).

Considering it to be an important question amidst few locals as well as subject-specific peners’, LITWS strain experts’ did share some unknown tips for growing weed indoors and outdoors.

In words of their experts- ‘Human urine acts as a great fertilizer!’  This did astonish many and to reinstate this fact their CEO goes-

“Human Urine is high in nitrogen and as far as I know, it is acts as one of the primary ingredients which accelerate its growth. The other 2 are Phosphorus and potassium. Around a bladder of un-dilute urine upon your plants will stack up its nitrogen content.”

Though this tip was a surprise for many around, the other tip was even more astonishing. One of their experts immediately says-

“Using Hydroponics and Aquaponics- which is a combo of aqua farming and hydroponics, you can grow marijuana/cannabis with fish waste. Its urine and waste properties transform into nitrates owing to particular bacteria. And that finds utility in boosting up the growth process.”

In lieu to all these unheard yet appreciative tips, another interesting thing came up. As per their experts, growing cannabis is possible anywhere. The plant is known for its extremely adaptive characteristics and can feasibly grow anywhere.

LIWTS creative Head opines- “I know this is a bit optimistic, but if all congenial requirements are met with proper care and observation, it is doable- especially growing weed indoors!”

Another question which did appeal to these experts was how to determine the seed ***. LIWTS gave an interesting tactic having 90% success rate. According to them, the *** of the seed is easily identifiable when they sprout.

Seeds which sprout right at the top or down below, classifies as female seeds. While those which sprout side-ways are known as male seeds.

Other elucidating tips about how to grow weed was the choice of strains. Creative head of LIWTS opines- strains make a huge difference in the overall plant result.

“Each has their own specific DNA Genetics. A Chocolate Plant will tend to grow taller. It may need more time for maturing and harvesting…Whereas, a Northern Light strain will remain short and in a few months’ time, will be fully mature and ready for utility.”

Capping off the event in style, LIWTS experts states- “States which have gone ahead with legalizing marijuana saw a surprising dip in suicide rates.”

Reports suggest about 5% reduction in suicides overall. Around 10% decrease in suicide between ages 20-29 in males and around 8% lessening of suicide tendencies in males 30-40 years of age.

Considering their primary obligation to legalize this herb and help people in growing marijuana this was definitely the perfect ending gestalt!


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