Hydrosys introduces new range of hydroponics grow lights & BHO extractor

hydroponics grow lights10th July, 2017, The United Kingdom – Hydrosys is bringing a range of change that will help to improve the quality of indoor plants and make the maximum use of it. The new hydroponics grow lights for indoor plants will help you to grow all the indoor herbs and regulate a proper temperature.

This series of new light by Hydrosys is gaining huge popularity among Home gardener, interior decorators, and spas. Within a year of introducing these lights, there is a significant hike in the selling of these, and it is visible in the profit chart of Hydrosys.

“We decided to make artificial lighting that will successfully substitute the requirement of sunlight and let plants grow naturally even inside the house. This idea became a huge hit. Initially, our major clients were interior decorators, but presently the demand of hydroponic lights and BHO tube extractors are high on demand in Spas and aromatherapy center. It helps them to grow and make things look even better”, stated The Marketing Head, Hydrosys.

Tube and fan BHO extraction kit is the complete equipment package with which you can extract maximum natural oil. These essential oils are very high in demand in the market. Counting the several advantages of using these extract, all the aromatherapy centres are now growing herbs like lemon grass, lavender, mint, etc. and taking out the oils instantly as per the requirement of customers.

Hydrosys also provides excellent guide manual to use both hydroponics grow lights and BHO tube and fan kits. It is making the process more convenient for users. Clients can order these products online from their site. These are high-quality and authentic products which also come with easy return facility.

Also, these lights have more longevity. It works around double the time than normal lights.

“I have started my own spa, and it is drawing more clients from the time I have started selling essential oils. Previously, buying these oil extracts was on the much expensive side, but now it is so easy to make it in my spa. My cost has reduced, and I am very happy with these BHO tube and kit”, said a customer of Hydrosys.

Considering the positive reviews these hydroponic lights and BHO extractor tube and fans, there are plans of bringing these in a package. Pairing the correct amount of wattage lights with the compatible BHO extractors will make it easier for customers to avail.

“We are constantly trying to increase the standard and ease of indoor plants and provide a complete client satisfaction. Our team is also planning to work on the pricing and make it more affordable. Hope to come up with a better range again and soon too”, CEO speaks, Hydrosys.

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