Christenings Cyprus, plan a grand event on this special day

Christenings Cyprus is no less grand than weddings. Christianity plays a very important role in Cyprus. Right from birth till the end, Cypriot people follow religious rituals with their heart and soul. Christenings are planned by the parents from the time of birth. It is not very uncommon to have around two hundred guests, no less. As such, catering Cyprus along with music and dancing has to be arranged by the parents and the godparents.


Usually the best man at the wedding is the godparent of the firstborn. For the second child, the maid of honour fulfils the responsibility. They christen the child and they have the same duties as those in the UK. Irrespective of the nationality, baptism and christening ceremonies are extremely relevant in Christianity. Therefore, every Cypriot plans these occasions at their child’s early age, when they are around four to five months old. Christenings Cyprus is held along with baptism, for those who would like to avoid two grand affairs. Of course, the priest plans the occasion according to the convenience of the parents and godparent.


The baptism ceremony requires the godparent to bear all the costs. It will include the baby’s dowry, as it is known. The christening outfit, a large candle, post-christening towels and sheets and a cross and chain to be worn by the baby after the ceremony is complete. Small crosses for the guests and the priest’s necessities are also bought by the godparent. Once the baby is baptized and christened a grand celebration is held at a location pre-arranged for the affair. Catering Cyprus services hold an important part in this celebration as serving food to all the guests is a part of the ritual. Cold buffets, cake, salads, meat along with a wine of choice are what the usual platter looks like. The parents take care of the post-christening meal costs.


Getting an event management company to arrange the celebration is not unusual, taken the number of guests invited. Food is followed by music and dance at certain occasions. So decoration, catering, entertainment and serving the guests is planned and conducted by the service providers. Small gifts can also be given to the guests as a token of gratitude. They gift the baby with money which is to be used for their future expenses. The christening is complete three days later, once the child is bathed for the first time after baptism by the godparent. Three vests are to be worn by the baby for these three days, also given by the godparent. Once this is done, the baby becomes a Christian.


Christenings Cyprus is deemed to be complete when the bathing is followed by dressing by the mother and a meal, either at home or at a restaurant. The parents get a gift from the godparent for letting them be so. Since food plays such an important role in christening ceremonies, hiring catering Cyprus services is very common. The other rituals are so engrossing that the parent and the godparent prefer to delegate this responsibility to a company who is experienced in offering these services.


At   Christenings Cyprus  rituals, gifts, dresses and food play a vital role. This makes   catering Cyprus  services very essential.

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