Autoflowering feminized seeds are the best to get a quick yield today

Concentrate Strains

Concentrate strains are highly preferred by weed smokers today, because these are loaded with resin-rich trichomes that do wonders to the after –effects that they experience. They don’t have the unwanted elements like the plants and leaves to dilute the essence; hence, they give users the exhilaration and relaxation that they want.

Gone are the days when these strains were cultivated using regular seeds. With regular seeds, one had to wait until the plants grew to the flowering stage. Then the *** needed to be identified and the male plants had to be discarded, because they could not be used for harvesting. The female plants were then germinated properly and then harvested. The buds were dried and extracted to produce the strains.

With autoflowering feminized seeds, these processes are completely eradicated. Autoflowering seeds are bred in a specific way so that the plants enter the flowering stage automatically, without being affected the internal and external environment. Feminized seeds are those that are bred uniquely to produce female plants only. When the combined effects of these two are used, you will get excellent results. You can not only be sure that your plants are going to be 100% female, but also that they will flower automatically within a short while, thereby quickening your harvest time.

Kush Strains

If you are looking to use these feminized cannabis seeds to grow an exotic variety of strains, Kush strains is the right option for you. Originating from the Hindu Kush Mountain Range, these strains are hybrid varieties containing characteristics of indica and sativa in them.

These are easily identified with their trademark Kush aroma, which is pungent and skunky. Since it makes you feel exhilarated and relaxed at the same time, these strains are known for their excellent medicinal properties. They have given rise to exotic hybrid varieties that are extremely popular in the cannabis market all over the world today.

These Kush cannabis strains are easy to grow and they start flowering within 7 to 9 weeks. When you first smoke it, it gives you punch of stony feeling across your head. However, that is soon replaced by the excellent physical and mental relaxation that it generates.

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