Ontario Bee Rescue Tour 2017

Ontario Bee Rescue is touring Eastern Canada July 26 to August 8, 2017.
We are not just Bee Keepers, we are Bee Activists!
Teaching the world about the magic of BEES & BEEKEEPING!

On our tour this summer we are available for radio and television interviews.

We are kicking off our tour July 26 at Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto at the “Blondie & Garbage – The Rage and Rapture Tour” with a display at the concert to educate people on the importance of saving the bees.

Blondie’s new album is titled “Pollinator” with the hash tag #BEECONNECTED it is a campaign to raise awareness of the decline in the bee population by promoting organizations dedicated to conserving and improving the health of pollinators through education, consumer empowerment and political activation. Net proceeds from all Blondie’s Save The Bees T-Shirt purchases will be donated to organizations helping the bees.

Please contact us Bruce and Joanne at: http://ontariobeerescue.com/contact.html
Email: info@ontariobeerescue.com
Phone London: 519-520-0424
Phone Toronto: 416-804-7048

This is a great opportunity to help save the bees by educating people how important honeybees are to all of us. At least one-third of our food depends on the bees. Ontario Bee Rescue has been appearing with our giant honeybee trailer at many events, markets and schools educating people about bees. We make it fun and educational for both children and adults.

Our bee rescue videos have been going viral with such interesting bee rescues like at the old Ford Talbotville vehicle plant. When the plant was being demolished, the Environmental Engineer called us at Ontario Bee Rescue. They had found honeybees in 2 electrical spools on the property. We saved them! Now those bees are living at our Bee Sanctuary in London, Ontario.

Ontario Bee Rescue was established in 2014. The objective is to maintain a list of beekeepers in Ontario that are willing and able to assist in the rescue of honeybee swarms. We are working to ensure that honeybees are saved from being destroyed by exterminators and pest control companies. We have over 55 beekeepers listed on our website http://www.ontariobeerescue.com. There is never a charge for swarm captures. We are all volunteers trying to help our neighbours and our bees.

Ontario Bee Rescue is a Non-Profit Organization. We hold down regular day jobs and field several calls a week for bee rescues. Many rescues involve driving many kilometers and spending several hours at a rescue site. The Honeybees survival depends on all of us

You can make a difference now.
Spread the word – Save the Bees

Bruce and Joanne
Ontario Bee Rescue