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Melina Nelson (Marketing Executive @PondPro2000) said, “There are two reasons for Liquid pond sealant must be part of your pond care. One, that you want the permanent solution. Second, you invest the best part of your earning to decorate it, so you deserve the best. It is extremely well and effective for pond leaks and liner repair. Its eco-friendly behavior eliminates any risk of the water life reduction. 100 % liquid version of EPDM is the rightist choice for all type of pond problems.”

Pond problems are part of life but become hectic if repeated. The pond needs that type of repair which can delicately reach every little spot or leak. No little crack or crevices should be left to seal. Liquid pond sealant is the only one to perform all this without harming fish. For pond owner’s three things are necessary to be saved Pond liner, Fish, and Plants. Liquid pond sealant is the only product which is harmless for fish and used for the liner.

She also explained the function of Liquid pond sealant “Most people think a pond liner has but one function: to hold the water in the pond. Set the goals of the pond or lake project to need to be considered carefully. Pond liner longevity is a very important consideration in pond liner selection. Don’t let your liner kill your water life. You need actually pond liner which repairs within low budget less time and ease of application. Liquid pond sealant during”curing” or drying process, it finds its way into the small holes to fence off leaks. It has all qualities of an ideal pond liner. Liquid pond sealant is a seamless membrane for your ponds, which cure the leaks and damages in shortest time and results for the longest time. It is the key to the long life of your pond.”

Rubber pond liners or plastic pond liners are relatively expensive for small ponds. Protecting the synthetic pond liner with soil, sand or smooth rock will protect the pond liner enough to likely double the life expectancy of the pond liner.

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