Get electric and manual gates installed & maintained to protect your properties.

Our homes and yards are one of our biggest investments and we need to protect them from theft and infiltration. To have a sturdy and beautiful gate that would look great and protect our properties would be a common choice. At the same time if the gate is with electric controls for opening and shutting down, that would offer ease in entering and exiting. That would save our time and would be a great provision even for guests who visit our places.

Another important aspect is maintenance of these gates. There might be minor problems like a broken weld or some bends in the material. Even there can be problems in the electric drive operating these gates and the control panel as well. is a website that offers various services promptly near Dallas since last 14 years.

Services offered:

Installation of fences and electric or manual gates:

They are experts in designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing manual as well as electric gates.

Gates are under daily use and under all weather conditions. That is why these gates need to be designed, manufactured and maintained professionally. They have stock designs that customers can choose. Later these gates can be customized with specific Logo, Embalm,Brand, Initials or Family Crests provided by the customers. Even a gate can be made right from scratch as per the specific requirement of the customer.

All top manufacturers listed on their site follow or exceed UL325 norms and avail factory warranties. They also offer a one year warrantee for their installation work and repair work as well. They undertake fencing & wood staining, wrought iron, tubular steel and combination of these materials as per the specific requirements of their customers. They design the gates as per customers’ choices. Thus they offer custom gate installations to wish of their customers. They have an energetic team that would carry out fabrication of gates at their workshop and even at the customers’ sites. They offer consultancy and design for various types of gates as well. The customers can contact them for appropriate pre-engineering and design of what they have in their mind.

If needed an electric gate opener to carry the weight and span of customers’ gates can be chosen and installed. Keypads, intercoms, card readers and solar panels involved can be chosen by the customers. They work with involved sub-contractors like home builders, masons, phone technicians, electric technicians and others to carry out installation of electrically operated gates successfully.

Federal Government avails a subsidy of 30% on solar panel charged and operated gate openers. This discount is on the cost of solar units purchased after 2008 on the customers’ Federal Tax Return. Customers need to check on which brands this facility is available.

They offer both Swing Gate Operators and Slide gate Operators as per the particular design. They choose from various packages of gate operators depending on the span and weight of gates being installed and on frequency of operation of gates in a day.

Repair & Maintenance of Gates:

They offer Repair and Maintenance of Electric and Manual Gates. Whenever they receive a service call, their trained technicians carry out 10 major maintenance checks for the gates and any specific problem is fixed. That could be a small issue like a broken weld, causing obstacle in operation or making the gate look odd or any major issue regarding the electric gate operation. Damage to control panels, solar panels, drive mechanism are repaired. They offer a one year warrantee for their repair and maintenance work as well.

Thus, total customer satisfaction is aimed and assured regarding repair and maintenance of gates.


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