Finding the best bathroom flooring

Among all flooring materials, cork is one of the safest ones and it is environmental friendly in the same time. Bathroom conditions are sometimes tricky and require specific installations, materials that can resist to humidity and which provide warmth. The best bathroom flooring has to respect a series of features and although many people tend to look over tiles and ceramic, cork is a wonderful alternative and to understand why, it is best to look over what it has to offer. Those that still have their preferences over flooring, they can use cork underlayment for extra quality.

The advantages of cork underlayment and cork tiles are worth knowing by everyone, so they can fully understand why they are so recommended for the best bathroom flooring. Cork presents a warm feeling, especially when you step on it and when it is installed within a room. The same feature does not apply to tiles, as they tend to keep the bathroom colder. In many situations, it is rather unpleasant to walk on tiles barefoot. The tactile sensation is very pleasant with cork, being soft as well. When installed inside a bathroom, cork tiles are resistant to moisture and to mildew and insect infestations.

There is no worry about placing furniture on cork, because the material bounces back and it resists nicely. Cork flooring is highly resistant to bacteria in general and to fungi. In wet and humid areas, these multiply easily, so it is highly recommended taking into account repealing them as much as possible. No one wants to experience unpleasant situations and to have to face complications. As for maintaining cork, you will be happy to know that no extra measures have to be taken and dirt will come off easily. Thanks to its insulating properties, cork is an excellent choice for sound insulation.

There are other features that make cork the best bathroom flooring and you can find cork in two popular types, floating floors and glued. Their installation method varies as well and if you don’t want to risk doing something wrong or you don’t have the time or desire, you can certainly have someone professional take over everything. In the end, it is a matter of personal preferences and depends on the resources each person has. Choosing a flooring type is a hassle and can be rather time-consuming, as you might not know what suits your needs the most. Once you find out more about the available possibilities, you can establish your priorities and see what suits them best.

Besides cork tiles that are the main flooring type and you actually see and walk on them, there is also cork underlayment, which is installed under the floor. Many prefer to add this material because it improves the flooring quality and helps maintain warmth within a property and create a sound barrier. There are many possibilities nowadays and you might not even know about them until you look deeper into the matter or until you have to change the floor.


Do you want to find the  best bathroom flooring  ? Have you thought about using cork tiles? If you already have a material in mind, why not use  cork underlayment ?

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