Think with Google

Google wants to help you put their research and insight behind your thinking. With a Mashable type layout and flow to their blog, you’ll be sure to find helpful content easily and without fumbling.

An interesting element they implemented within their blog is the ability to download an article. Don’t have time to read an article now? Or you want to share it with team members? It’s as easy as downloading a PDF version and sending it along.Groove takes an interesting approach to the layout of their blog, creating a timeline effect while maximizing the use of white space.

One thing I enjoy about their blog is the subscription popup that comes down from the top of your screen. This makes it easy for you to receive their awesome content directly to your inbox.

They also make it extremely easy for their readers to find similar content to the posts they’re reading. At the end of each post is a “you might also like” section where they highlight three articles to continue the reader’s journey.


For More Reference: Creative Product Video

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