What is so special about tantric massage London

Before we venture into knowing what is tantric massage London let us explore what is Tantra. It is a spiritual tradition that is found in both Hinduism and Buddhism. You will find its influence in many other Asian belief systems. It is defined as the orderly quest for spiritual excellence and salvation by exploring the inner energy and by realizing and nurturing the divine power that connects one’s soul to the divinity. It creates a simultaneous union of the masculine and feminine spirit-matter in order to build the supreme state of non-duality. Experts in oriental massage London also propound its idea into their massage so that it soothes the soul and not only the body.


Tantric massage London bases its techniques on Tantra philosophy, which literally means to expand our soul. So, along with providing physical comfort it releases your blocked energy throughout your body. If you wish to awaken your inner strength, you can achieve this by awakening your Kundalini, an imaginary spot in the base of your spine. When it rises from its sleeping state, it creates a flow of energy along the spine and heals your body and mind. This form of oriental massage London is therefore for your overall wellbeing.


You will find many oriental massage London parlours that have expert masseuses but not all of them have expertise and shill for tantric massage London. Many equate massage services to sexual pleasures but tantric massage is definitely much above it. The essence of this massage is to use the power of sexuality in kindling your inner power. The methodology of tantra massage is quite varied and no two massages are similar. The process can be customised depending on your body type and we are talking of your inner types and not just the physical aspects.


An expert in tantric massage London knows how to awaken the seven chakras or the energy centres in our body. These chakras lie along the spine of our body and they are to be awakened to take advantage of our Kundalini from rest. In this oriental massage London the therapist begins the session with relaxation methods by touching sensitive points that let you relax and calm yourself from within. Next comes the energy building techniques and the therapist makes the process personalised with individual Kundalini arousal techniques. In our body not all chakras are equally effective and therefore balancing the chakras is extremely important to get the holistic benefits.


Tantric massage London creates a great impact in terms of sexual arousal. Giving and receiving this form of oriental massage London is extremely intimate and therefore both the masseuse and the receiver should be completely comfortable with each other. When you are feeling relaxed and settled in the company of the therapist you will receive the maximum benefits. If you feel any discomfort you should immediately alert the therapist so that she can alter the process. There are some great agencies in London that engage beautiful oriental ladies who are experts in such therapies and are highly in demand.

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