Elefuntot Announces Release of New Child Placemats and Sippy Cups Just in Time for Amazon Prime Day

Elefuntot makes its debut on Amazon for its amazing, sectioned silicone place mats and sippy cups, as parents around the world give praise!

UNITED STATES, LONDON, UK, July 9, 2017 – Every parent knows how fulfilling it is to feed their children, watching them grow and thrive brings unspeakable joy! It can also create an uncanny mess and waste of food. Throughout time, parents have been looking for a way to ensure that their children are eating in a clean, healthy environment, free of germs and chemicals. Up until now, it’s been a losing battle for most, since bleach and sanitary wipes or a common kitchen sponge have been the only options available.

Elefuntot has created a unique solution for these issues: non toxic, 100% food grade-USDA approved, food safe, silicone placemats and sippy cups! No more chemicals, no more waste. They are eco-friendly, bacteria, odor, and stain resistant, waterproof, moisture resistant and durable. The placemat’s unique design has 3 separate, raised rim sections for; main course, vegetable or snack and sippy cup, with an attractive, fun design that’s entertaining and interactive for kids, created in the shapes of clouds and the sun!

They come in 4 distinct, exciting and entertaining colors; orange, aqua blue, green and red. The raised rim keeps food separated and in place, reducing waste, and offers portion control and helps to prevent tipping of the sippy cup. And when drinking portions increase with age, the sippy cup lid is flexible and can fit most convention sized cups.

Right now, Elefuntot is offering the kids’ placemat and sippy cup set at an incredibly discounted rate, and, as an added bonus to the 100%, risk free purchase, they’re giving a complimentary, children’s eBook, further enhancing the parent/child experience. This discount is in honor of Amazon Prime Day, July 11, 2017, so don’t miss out!

All Elefuntot products are kid friendly, make clean up easy, with warm water and soap, are dishwasher safe (up to 450+ degrees Fahrenheit), are refrigerator and freezer safe (to -40 degrees Fahrenheit), and are perfect for transitioning from high-chair to table. They’re placemats are perfect for pet parents as well, providing a skid proof dining experience for pets!

Elefuntot products are designed for: portion control, to help prevent waste, to assist in transition from high chair to table, to help prevent spills, and, they make great gifts. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Get your silicone placemat and sippy cup set while supplies last!

To purchase Elefuntot products, go to: Amazon.com now! And don’t miss special discounts available on July 11, 2017 for Amazon Prime Day!

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