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Fredericksburg, Virginia – July 2, 2017 – @The Car Wash, a first class car detailing service provider, is once again announcing its readiness to provide clients in and around Fredericksburg with reliable car wash and auto detailing service. Regardless of the time, day or night, @The Car Wash (http://www.the-car-wash.com/) is readily available to serve. The company uses advanced technology including the Autec Soft Touch system which is completely self-service.

@The Car Wash offers first class car detailing service to give vehicles ofdifferent brands and models sparkling new look. Every car detailing service will definitely meet the client’s needs. Not only do their services improve the appearance of the cars, but also maintain the car’s finishing.

The beauty of car detailing service from these professional is the fact that they leave every car looking its best. The car’s interior and exterior will be given a professional touch. No part of the vehicle will be left untouched including the door panels, headliners and every nooks and crannies. Furthermore, these professionals will thoroughly clean the window glass leaving it free from fingerprints, dirt and streaks. In addition, they will also dust car audio video screens. NO!Theywon’t stop there. After cleaning the interior, experts at @The Car Wash will move to the next stage – the car’s exterior. In this case, they clean the entire exterior of the car including tires and wheels. This in turn leaves the car with a sparkling steak-free finish.

Attempting a DIY approach for car detailing can cause further damages. That’s because DIY cleaning sometimes results in micro scratches on the car’s finishing, thus making it look dull. Most car owner, however, find it difficult to clean their cars due to so many reasons. This include busy schedules or lack of experience needed to give the car a thorough clean. In order to give their car that stunning look, most car owners seek the services of an expert car detailer. For this reason, @The Car Service has now improved on their services by acquiring state of the art tools and equipment to provide long lasting solutions. Also, they have different car detailing options for client’s convenience.

About @The Car Wash

@ The Car Wash, the premier car detailing service in the greater Fredericksburg area, is conveniently located in the Central Park shopping district along Cowan Blvd and Carl D. Silver Pkwy, allowing residents easy access to reliable car detailing service. Better yet, residents enjoy access to this great service 24 hours a day.

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