Bridge Direct welcomes new requests for bridge loans

Bridging loan lender, Bridge Direct are happy to announce that it is welcoming new requests from property developers and business owners for bridging loans for any residential and commercial requirements.

Bridge loans are a short term finance option that enables the borrower to complete on a property sale immediately without having to have a longer term solution or mortgage secured. Bridge Direct are happy to announce that they have a large lending capital of over £12 million, and are looking for direct enquiries now.

Most property developers and business owners will be familiar with bridging finance and may often turn to it when they required a quick, simple solution to fill a financial deficit.

As many people have found out, due to the recent economic crisis, bank and mortgage lenders are increasingly wary as to who they lend their money too. This has led to the traditional loan approval process followed by banks and building societies moving from days to weeks or even months for a loan approval. This delay could lead to you may lose your dream property, or may mean your competitor beats to launch or expand a new service.

The Bridge loan approval process at Bridge Direct is fast and efficient, with no credit checks and no upfront fees. The team at Bridge Direct are direct lenders and not brokers, and will give an instant decision on your loan request and provide you with the best possible deal on your loan application.

Below are the few reasons why to choose Bridge Direct as your first choice for Bridge loans:

30 years of comprehensive lending experience

Bridge Direct has over 30 years of comprehensive lending experience as a bridge loan lender. They will understand all your financial requirements thoroughly and then use their wealth of experience to give an immediate decision on the Bridge loan application.

High repeat customer rate

The success of any business can be shown by their repeat custom. The team at Bridge Direct pride themselves on their customer service, this is why many of our customers are repeat business clients.

Instant Decision on any loan request

When applying for any bridging finance product from Bridge Direct, you will be given a guaranteed instant decision. This is because all of the team are decision makers, and not brokers, and you can be assured no middlemen are involved.

Low-Interest Rates:

The interest rates on bridging finance will differ from lender to lender. At Bridge Direct you can expect best possible low interest rates on your request.

So, when you are looking for short term finance for your commercial and residential requirements, then contact Bridge Direct to find the best deal for you with an immediate decision for all your Bridge Loan requests. You can reach them on 020 3126 4969 or even apply online at

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