Patrick Campbell

Over the years, Patrick Campbell has seen startups and multinationals alike labor to perfect products only to casually raise their finger to the wind when it comes to determining their price. So he launched Price Intelligently to help SaaS companies, such as Atlassian, Hubspot and Insightly, boost revenue from and knowledge of their users, particularly through surveys.

Of course, there’s nothing more dreaded or beloved in the world of marketing than the online survey. Campbell and his company have sent over 15 million surveys, and have studied what’s worked and not worked along the way. The beauty of this approach is that it efficiently extracts people’s preferences in a question. It falls between the multi-step or multifaceted question (which can be time-intensive and burdensome to complete) and the simple, lightweight question (which may not return the depth of response you seek). For additional pricing tactics from Campbell, read more here.


For More Reference: Sensor Video

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