AMMAZE 3D Slashes Prices: Just In Time for Amazon Prime Day

AMMAZE 3D Slashes Prices: Just In Time for Amazon Prime Day

AMMAZE 3D offers unprecedented discounts on amazing 3D printer Pen and ABS filaments, in preparation for Amazon Prime Day!

SANTA MONICA, CA, July 6, 2017 – In the arts and crafts world, it’s a well known fact that 3D printer pen and 3D pen art are incredibly exciting and fun! It’s just as well known, that it’s incredibly difficult to find high quality, replacement filaments for them, and at an affordable rate. Imagine working on a project, or the kids doing arts and crafts, and the fun runs out, literally. AMMAZE 3D knows this all too well, so they’ve drastically reduced their prices, making it affordable to stock up on the ABS filamentcolors that everyone loves. Whether new to 3D crafting, or a pro, they’re making it possible for the fun to start, and keep going.

AMMAZE 3D is making it affordable for people of all skill levels, to enjoy the exciting, dynamic and unique fun, that comes from creations made by 3D printers pens and 3D art pens. Right now, on, AMMAZE 3D has 3D printer filament ABS refills, guaranteed not to jam. The refills come in a vast array of colors, including glow-in-the-dark. Their refills are individually, vacuum sealed by color, with desiccant, to prevent destructive moisture, keeping them fresh and ready for use, at anytime.

Providing the highest quality of 3D pen filaments is a priority for AMMAZE 3D. They use ABS plastic for all of their refills. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is similar to the plastic that Lego brand toys uses for its Lego’s. It’s a strong, sturdy, durable plastic, which is why ABS compound is important when it comes to 3D art. It provides the quick drying, long lasting consistency that allows the precise detail of each stroke of the pen, to remain in place, creating a beautiful work of art.

Unlike most filament sellers, AMAZZE 3D individually vacuum seals each coil, preventing waste and extending shelf life. They are a massive, 361 linear feet and come in 22 bright, awesome colors, with 4 bonus florescent colors, and 2 free glow in the dark filaments, for colorful 3D, masterpiece creations and exciting fun! AMMAZE 3D filaments are non-toxic with no irritating smell, and their high quality reduces nozzle clogging. And as if that weren’t enough, AMMAZE 3D is including 140, 3D stencils, FREE!

Never tried 3D pen art before? This makes it the perfect time to get started in the world of 3D art, making it the perfect gift for adults and children! Right now, AMAZZE 3D is giving a 15% discount on their 3D pen and up to 33% off filament refills. Need more proof? Here’s what some of AMAZZE 3D customers are saying, “Finally, I’ve found filaments that DO NOT jam my pen, and, they fit all of my 3D pens.” said, John G. And Craig N. says, “I am very pleased with the AMMAZE ABS filament refill set! My pen performed, without clogging, for the first time. I will use this product again, and recommend it to others.” Becky G. raves, ”finally, good, clean, affordable fun for my children, AND me!”

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, let the magic of 3D pen art become a reality! To purchase the AMAZZE 3D Art Pen and 3D filament refills, go to: now! And don’t miss special discounts available on July 11, 2017 for Amazon Prime Day!

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