Luca Tagliaferro

In my opinion this video focuses on B2C websites, where users buy a product or a service directly by subscription models or ecommerce or any other type of transaction a website can offer. This allows the analysis of all different channels, attribution modelling, traffic sources etc…However, this video cannot be helpful for B2B websites, which still have products to sell but it’s offline. There are sales team picking up the phone and selling something. In particular publishers monetize from advertising by selling ads spaces to influence the websites audience. There isn’t any CAC, CLTV involved in the analysis, there are different metrics the Execs care about, which are related to the offline clients buying directly from sales team rather than the website. So the conversoin rate happens offline, not online.

B2B websites are not producing any revenue directly, but they are still contributing to the company’s overall growth (revenue) by building a valuable audience. How would you convince an Exec to invest in SEO/ PPC/ Social if you cannot see a direct correlation between digital and revenue?

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