Tips for Helping Your Marketing Team Work Better Together

We’ve all heard them. We’ve all said them. But can we all say that our marketing teams actually live by them?We’ve all heard them. We’ve all said them. But can we all say that our marketing teams actually live by them?For you marketing managers out there, there’s little doubt that you strive to support and enable great teamwork within your organization. After all, you’re likely managing an integrated marketing strategy that requires all hands on deck to get something cohesive and effective out the door.

However, breaks in communication, bottlenecks, missed tasks, discontent and finger pointing can still be a daily struggle.At TopRank Marketing finding ways to work better together has become a core business objective. From implementing agile marketing principles to launching a new project management system to a more collaborative hiring process, we’re doubling down on teamwork to not only create a great work environment, but also help drive great work and the best possible results for our clients.As someone who works very closely with a diverse team of marketers, I wanted to share a few tips that can help you build trust with individuals on your team, and foster more and better teamwork.

1. Get to know your team members—and encourage them to do the same

2. Define individual and team goals.

3. Outline individual responsibilities—and understand how they intersect with others’ duties.

4. Determine how you’ll communicate.

5. Hold regular standups.

6. Eliminate work silos whenever possible.

If there’s anything that I’ve learned in my time at TopRank Marketing, it’s that I can’t achieve marketing awesomeness on my own. I need multiple perspectives. I need specialized expertise. And I need to know what time happy hour is starting on Friday.By digging into who your team members are, understanding their strengths and passions, and creating an environment where everyone is heard, your organization can achieve your marketing dreams.



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