Sustainable Social, Mobile Search Makeover and The Hiring

How to Build a Sustainable Social Marketing Strategy
Maximize your marketing efforts by understanding core best practices including, emphasize visual content, use infographics if you’re a B2B brand and avoid clickbait titles. This infographic also shows stats that will help you understand audience behaviors and interests on social media.

Google is Testing a New Design for Mobile Search Results
Google is testing a new design for both paid and organic search results. Some changes include the URL is now at the top of search cards, there are fewer ads and more color has been added to organic search cards.

The Marketing and Advertising Hiring Climate
Recent research shows that most marketing and advertising executives expect to keep the size of their creative staff steady in the second half of 2017. Get insight into hiring plans for full-time creative employees, hiring priorities for specific positions and the most challenging areas for companies to fill for the second half of the year.

Snapchat Lets You Add Links, Voice Filters and Backdrops to Snap
With Paperclip, you can attach a website to a Snap and your friends can swipe up to open the link in Snapchat’s internal browser. The Backdrops feature lets you cut out an object from your Snap and put a colorful pattern behind it to make it stick out, and Voice Filters let you change the sound of voices in your Snaps.



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