Easy Wins to Improve Your B2B Marketing Leads

The goal of marketing is to generate leads that convert to sales, thereby generating revenue.
What a thunderously, crashingly obvious statement! Captain Obvious saves the day again.

But seriously, it’s useful for marketers to occasionally contemplate this most fundamental truth about our profession. We’re not here to just raise awareness, get subscribers, or foster engagement. All of these goals should be parts of a strategy to get to the ultimate goal: lead generation.

We have more tools now than ever before to measure how our efforts translate to leads. Unfortunately, that means marketers—especially in B2B—are under more pressure than ever to improve the quantity and quality of the leads we deliver to sales.

To boost your lead generation efforts, you don’t have to torch your entire content marketing strategy. Start with these easy wins and expand from there.

Use SlideShare for Increased Conversion Rates
SlideShare leads tend to be higher converting than leads from other social media sources. If your content is featured on the site, it’s a guaranteed boost in traffic. Create high-quality, visually compelling content with a strong CTA at the end, and you can drive relevant traffic to your landing page.
This SlideShare on Influencer Engagement was a great lead driver for our agency. We saw results for both of our dual CTAs.

Mobile-Optimize Your Landing Pages
It’s easy now to create mobile-optimized social media advertising. All the major networks have a native format for paid content that looks just as good on mobile as it does on the desktop. But when a mobile user taps on the ad to visit your site, what does the landing page look like?



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