Community Exchange Social Networking Service

Each and every human being has an inner guide with whom the constant conversation take place and that guide is none other than our self. That our self have inner vision either for oneself, partner, family and if concluded in a word then a community. We socialize for fun or for a cause and sometimes we do not need any specific reason to socialize. It’s in our culture. But my question is how often this happens?

We are often lag behind in terms of finding similar people in our surrounding because we have no idea where to seek for a medium Imagine: What if it makes a person happy if it was easy to find others as we do? What if this world need a community coming up together for a cause. What if I have a hobby but I am new to the city and wished I had a neighbor with similar interest where we can learn more on it. What if I am done with relaxing on my couch? I need a break from internet. Wish there were events, gatherings nearby where I can learn, teach, socialize get to know similar crowd

Social Networking Services for Local Business Marketing

Flockstation is for both – individuals and business entities, because both needs togetherness to flourish. Every individual has some or the other skill, and for every skill there is a buyer. The challenge for the individual is to identify those buyers and connect to them in order to generate revenue. Similarly, every business entity has always more potential clients which it has not yet connected to.  The challenge is to reach those so-far-unconnected clients with least marketing efforts and with negligible cost in order to maximize the revenue of the business.

Flockstation creates this connection through the powerful social tool of Togetherness and thus helping both individuals and business entities in their respective objectives. If you are an individual, then Flockstation discovers the entrepreneur in you and brings it to a large number of people waiting to buy your skill. If you are a business entity, then Flockstation provides you a larger market. All with the most cost-efficient manner!

Flockstation, arguably, is India’s 1st Comprehensive Community Exchange Network Digital Platform connecting millions of individuals with one another so that skills of individuals -hitherto unrealized- may be exchanged, tapped, and converted into cash for the individual; and connecting thousands of business entities to a bigger market for more efficient business.

Flockstation is helping individuals, businesses, society, and nation in many ways. Or individuals: It provides a methodical way to first discover what skills one may possess. It does not matter whether you have acquired the skill with formal training or without any formal training. A skill is a skill – whether learnt with formal training or self-learnt with mere passion. It connects you with a large no. of people who are desperately looking for your skills and are ready to pay you for it.

Enhances your creativity, confidence, and cash. For Business entities and service providers: It connects your business to a large number of potential clients –who were unexplored so far – with fewer efforts and less cost compared to that involved in conventional marketing. It breaks the barrier of time-space-geography which your business usually confronts in traditional marketing. It helps your business achieve the twin objective simultaneously – bigger market and lesser cost.

For Business Society: It helps create an entrepreneurial culture in society. It creates togetherness. It gives recognition to the last person in the queue. For the nation: It helps address the unemployment challenge by turning individuals into entrepreneurs. It helps increase country’s national income, i.e. GDP by facilitating more and more individuals to increase their earnings.

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