Innovative Ideas for Ideal Kitchen Storage

Well planned storing of kitchen items makes working in a kitchen comfortable and enjoyable. Here we go with best innovative ideas that will help you to utilize the more space in your kitchen.

  • Install organizers on the insides of the Kitchen cabinet in Pune doors to stack small bottles and jars.
  • When larger than the required height is available in a compartment of the wall cabinet, then a shelf of lesser width may be installed just above the requisite height towards the rear wall of the cabinet. This way, you get to store two rows of cans—one on the level below and one on the newly created shelf. Storage capacity increases one-and-a-half times this way.
  • Deeper areas above right angled corners of the kitchen counters—which are the less efficient work surfaces—can be fitted with cabinets to provide storage for kitchen equipment such as grinders, toasters, coffee machines and so on.
  • If there is enough room in the kitchen, an island can be created in the centre of the kitchen, called Island Kitchen which acts as a comfortable work counter besides providing for extra space for storage below and hanging space for pots and pans above.
  • The cabinet on the wall should not be placed very high, as the accessibility is poor and storage space gets greatly reduced. A comfortable distance between the counter and the base of the wall cabinet is between 18″-21″.
  • Small and narrow drawers can be carved out along the sides and front of a kitchen sink for storage of scrubs, detergents and so on.
  • Window ledges in the kitchen should be built in a manner that they can provide small counter-tops for keeping knick-knacks.
  • A sliding board can be built into the base cabinets. It provides extra work surface.
  • Space for microwaves and ovens may be built into the wall cabinets above the counter to save on valuable counter space. Built in Microwave
  • Store trays and platters along thin slabs made for the purpose in a cabinet.
  • Open shelving of different sizes can be used to store various sizes and shapes of articles.
  • Glass shelves may be installed against a window to store glassware for daily use. It will make the area look spacious as well.
  • Make room for open spice racks above and near cooking stoves.
  • Quarter circle shaped shelves can be placed along the corners between the counters and wall cabinets to provide for useful storage space for stuff like fruit baskets, bread con tainers and so on.
  • Drawers planned around a kitchen should be in different sizes, as they can help in the organization of both big and small articles.
  • In a small kitchen, the space above the wall cabinets can be used for keeping those ‘once in a while used articles.
  • Gas Cylinders can be placed outside the main kitchen and the supply can be provided with pipes of adequate length to save on valuable base cabinet area.
  • The Corners Below the counter can be effectively used with fittings such as the carousel, d tray etc.
  • Efficient and effective storage can be achieved with the use of pull-out drawers, larder units, drawer inserts, hang rail above the counters. These fittings improve functionality multifold.
  • Lastly and most importantly, look around your kitchen routinely: every inch of space is usable, you can create small drawers and shelves in small nooks and corners to gives you loads of precious storage space.
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