Immigrant Business Directory ( IBD )

Founded by a first generation immigrant, the website provides a real and authentic experience that will capture the experience of most first and second generation immigrants and their families. We recognized that these powerful emotional stories need to be told but they are scattered all over and not captured entirely. We therefore thought of having one place where we can weave together the immigrants’ experiences. This idea is based on providing a central platform of showcasing immigrant stories. A lot has been said about the illegal immigrants but not much attention is paid to first and second generation immigrants, their struggles, successes and contributions to the United States. Furthermore, our goal is to have stories told directly by those who have lived the immigrant journey. In doing all these we plan to connect businesses with the immense economic resources among immigrant populations. We want to relate to our clients at an emotional yet powerful way by blogging and reaching out to immigrants through various avenues such as social media.

Why Immigrant Business Directory ( IBD )?
The economic impact of immigrants in the United States cannot be underestimated. According to Pew Research Center there are 45 million immigrants in the U.S. who make up a near-record 14% of the U.S. population We acknowledge the struggles experienced by immigrants but at the same time appreciate the economic contributions of immigrants in the United States. We feel honored to provide a link between businesses and immigrants. We intent to minimize the disconnect between immigrants and the general population.

Our Beliefs and Values
The directory was founded from our hearts and therefore our Beliefs and Values are the foundation of our business. We value human dignity and send a clear message of inclusion, we do not discriminate others based on color, race, gender, national origin, religion or any form of disability. We highly appreciate the opportunities offered to us by this great nation, the United States of America. We are resilient and believe in hard work, we do not complain. We serve to the best of our abilities and make our families and communities proud. We believe our children have a bright future.

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