Digital Pedagogy Lab

Praxis, by Jesse Stommel and Sean Michael Morris, is an examination of how different types of technologies are used in the classroom–from chalkboards to learning management systems, from moveable chairs to mobile devices. Jesse and Sean will also be working with participants on a variety of techniques, teaching philosophies and practices around FERPA, digital writing and student public engagement online.

I will be offering a track on Identity, which focuses on perceptions and presentations of race, gender and ability online, as well issues of inclusion and exclusion in the digital humanities and other technological fields. My session will focus on using accessibility, collaboration and technology to build inclusive communities and increase the representation of marginalized groups.

Finally, Bonnie Stewart is teaching a track on Networks: specifically, on the role of networks and network building in digital pedagogy. Issues discussed will include MOOCs and DOCCs, rhizomatic learning, and the challenges, risks and benefits of student open collaboration on the Internet.

Digital Pedagogy Lab’s standard tuition rate is $950, with an early bird rate of $750 and a student/adjunct rate of $400. They are also offering scholarships to support attendance of people who would otherwise not be able to make it to the Lab. So, if you’re interested in various aspects of digital pedagogy, check out the course offerings and if it fits into your summer schedule.


For More Reference:  Software Tool Video

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