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I have one or two contacts whom I’ve found are informed and willing to say what they think will happen in set circumstances. Most irritatingly, one of them, involved a bit in politics, accurately predicted the result of the election almost from the start. He was more accurate than the polls. He phoned me when all but one return was in to gloat.

I asked him what he thought would happen now with regards Brexit and how it would affect business, specifically email marketing.

“Ah, now you’re asking,” he said. “It is all a shambles at the moment.”

On Monday he said that ‘things’ were beginning to settle and options were becoming clearer, although from a very obscure level. His summary was short and sweet: “For your business sector [email marketing] there might be less money around, but legally nothing has changed. The EU rules.”

He said that nothing had happened to put Brexit at risk, although the slight possibility of it not going ahead has increased slightly. The negotiations, he suggested, would be difficult.

It is simplistic to say that Mrs May went to the electorate for an endorsement of her ‘hard Brexit’ soundbite. However, the result means she has no mandate for it. Mind you, that’s not to suggest it provided a clear cut alternative. The previously one settled aspect, rejection of freedom of movement, now seems open to negotiation.



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