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Remember the aforementioned complication of the real estate system over the years? Rev N You grasps that fact and turns it into an opportunity. The company, hailing from Nanaimo, British Columbia, uses lists to offer advice, similar to other top real estate blogs. However, the similarities end there.

Some of Rev N You’s posts are made as a synopsis of the group’s podcasts, which can be found on iTunes, in which they discuss various topics on real estate investing. The blog also stretches into video-making territory, with a YouTube series on “Commercial Real Estate Investing vs. Residential Real Estate Investing.” The four-part series features detailed mathematical proof supporting the arguments presented, and is one of the highlights of the blog.

There has never been a more technically educational blog on investment in the real estate industry, but Rev N You may have inspired a long line of imitators in its footsteps.


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