7 Common Queries about Motor Insurance Demystified

Owning a vehicle has shifted from being a luxury to a necessity. Our day-to-day movement is dependent on our beloved vehicle and thus we always ensure that it is well maintained. While it is essential to keep tabs on its condition, ensuring that you have a motor insurance policy is equally important.

To encourage people to opt for motor insurance and secure themselves against a financial blow, we conducted a motor chat on Twitter. Here are 7 of the most common queries about motor insurance we came across during this exercise.

Q1.  Does my two wheeler insurance cover my bike if it gets stolen?

Ans. Indeed! Your motor insurance covers your two wheeler in case it gets stolen. Make sure you lodge an FIR and register the claim immediately in case of theft.

Q2. Can I make a claim if someone else (with a valid driving license) drives my car and it meets with an accident?

Ans. Yes, you certainly can! However, we hope that you entrust your car in safe and sober hands only.

Q3. Is my premium amount dependent on factors like availability of parking space, colour of the car, etc. as it is abroad?

Ans. In India, as of now, these factors are not taken into consideration.

Q4. Does an insurance cover accidents occurring in the monsoons?

Ans. Yes! Your motor insurance covers you for the accidents occurring in the rainy season and all other seasons as well. Remember not to restart your vehicle if it shuts down because of water-logging.

Q5. What is the first thing one should do in order to make a claim after a car or bike meets with an accident?

Ans. You should register your claim by calling the call centre (after getting yourself treated, in case of injuries, of course!). In case of a third party damage, make sure you have filed an FIR.

Q6. Can I make a claim for car insurance more than once in the same year?

Ans. In case of accidents, you certainly can!

Q7. Can I claim for my injuries under the other driver’s policy, if the accident was not my fault?

Ans. Yes! You can claim under a third party clause and save yourself from a financial setback.

 Did these resolve the questions you had about motor insurance? To know more visit our website.

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