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Bulk SMS is the famous marketing approach to promote the products or services. It is an innovative technique which makes things easiest and simplest. Communication plays an important role in our lives for connecting with peoples. It is the best way to engage with maximum people with very less time. Mobile phones make a task easier to pass the information to the masses instantly. People used the phone for the various purposes for surfing the internet, texting, calling and uploading emails and videos. Bulk SMS is used for sending the reminders, alerts, customers’ service, tips, notification and lot more.

It is an effective marketing tool to use by companies to publicize the products or services. Government sector also used bulk SMS to spread the important information among the people. This is the best process to reach the target audience through the mobile phones without internet connection. People will get information about latest products or services without any movement.

We provide you promotional SMS or transactional SMS. Promotional SMS is used for promoting and advertising your brands. It is basically used for sending offers and discount for coming products. These messages push only on NON-DND numbers. Transactional SMS is used for passing informatics alerts to the existing users.

Hotels & Resorts

The hotel is a widely raising industry in India. India is developing a country and there are many tourist places in India like Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, and much more. There are huge numbers of hotels established in tourist place where people visit on regular basis.

  • They used Bulk SMS for greet the customers on occasions.
  • They used promotional SMS for advertising the services.
  • They used transactional SMS for sending packages, offers, and discount.
  • They used for table booking, room booking, inquires and lot more.

Event & entertainment industry

Event and entertainment industry is growing in all over India. It is the fastest medium to transmit your information to the target audience. Events are organized for different purposes like quiz competition, singing or dancing shows, talent shows, and fashion shows. It can be used for promoting new songs, new videos, upcoming movies can be easily interacting with customers through the SMS.

Benefits of Bulk SMS:

  • The report generated immediately.
  • You can track all the messages and access the account through login Id password.
  • It is an amazing platform to represent any kind of business.
  • It helps to build the strong bond with customers.
  • It is a cost effective method as compared to other media.

We provide Bulk SMS gateway to send the messages in large amount. The software has the feature to excluding or including contacts from the database. Through software, you can send single SMS to numerous numbers within the short span of time.

Bulk SMS Noida is faithful bulk SMS service provider in Noida. Our technical experts assist you 24 x 7 to resolve your complex issues. We offer our bulk SMS service at a reasonable rate with delivering quality service across the country.

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